`Lensless mind` is a series about time, time that we don`t realise how has pasted or we realise only a little part that is only in our mind. Time is relative and one of the reasons to choose to work and express myself through photography is this `fight` to realise the time in this moment, in the past or that be coming.

For `Lensless mind` I worked during 2010, the hardest year in my life, when I lost my mother and the meaning of time was only past. In this period the solargraphs* were this photographs that show me that is the time elapsed. I was no longer aware of things that were happening around me.

I opted abandoned and a dilapidated place because the patina of time elapsed is strongly felt. The small human figure, which is usually present in these photographs is a reminder of the relativity of time.

All of these photographs were taken using pinhole handmade camera. To shoot with pinhole is a unique way to monitor ongoing of time especially solargraphs, the opportunity to have one single photo with collected time for many different days even months.

Special thanks to Veselin Krustev.

* Solarigrafia, solarigraphy, solargraphy is a photographic method for recording the paths of the Sun. Solargraphy is the art of pinhole photography and a part of Space Art, too. Solarigraphics or solargraphs are pinhole photographs taken with a lensless pinhole camera with a long exposure. By doing so the invisible movements of the Sun can be made visible in landscapes.